Welcome to the report on out tenth competition held for the second time this year at my home field of Camden Valley. A total of nineteen competitors were greeted to some of the most perfect flying conditions one could wish for. A gentle northerly wind, which increased as the day progressed, presented pilots with the need to show their skills in keeping their models from blowing out. Fortunately, this field has six runway directions, one of which was almost perfectly into wind for easy take off and landing.

After our usual briefing, an executive decision was made by myself to fly F3A and Sportsman first. (Nice to be in a position of power.)

The F3A pilots were the first to take to the skies, with David McFarlane leading the way. As usual, David made it look easy with his first flight scoring 445.5 and each successive flight scoring higher than the previous. After dropping his lowest score, David finished with 2000 normalised points. Shayne Lysaght clipped David’s wings on the first round with a score of 449.5, but his next two rounds were not quite as good with a 457 and 455 for a total normalised score of 1988.11 points. After what seems an eternity, Richard Hirst made a welcome return to competition. His first two rounds were right up there but, his third round, where did it all go wrong. A half roll instead of a full roll in the 45 upline, an extra half roll in the reverse humpty? Who knows.
Richard discovered he had done something wrong when he reached the ½ roll, snap roll, ½ roll and discovered he was wrong way up. That’s two to three manoeuvres performed upside down. Well done Richard. Richard finished in third place on 1871.95 points. Finishing fourth with a score of 1788.56 was Brian Dooley. Brian flew three consistent rounds with only his second round sub 400. Jason Arnold finished in fifth place with a score of 1742.70. Jason’s first round was a little below par but his next two rounds were both above 400. The last competitor for F3A was Bill Garrod. Unfortunately, Bill did not register a score over 400 this competition but his scores were consistent and all above the F3A retainer. Both David and Shayne achieved a promotion point and all the remaining competitors achieved an F3A retainer.

It is always fantastic to see the Sportsman attending these competitions and this comp we had four. Tony Russell, a local Camden Valley pilot, Chris Tindall, Raymond Smith and Alastair Bennetts. All that encouragement we Camden Valley Boys gave to Tony payed of with Tony taking out first place with a score of 2000. Tony’s first flight of 191.5 is well above a promotion score. Chris Tindall finished in second with a score of 1869.75. Unfortunately for Chris, he was unable to compete in round three but, being only a three round comp, this was the round he dropped. Ray Smith finished in third with a score of 1861.63, only eight points behind Chris. Rays first flight of 184.5 was only half a point behind a promotion score. Rounding out Sportsman in fourth place was Alastair. Again, Alastair’s first flight was a beauty at 190.5 which is above a promotion score. Alastair finished on 1849.00 Every sportsman proved that they are capable of achieving a promotion point. All that is needed is more practice and a little time.

Advanced saw four pilots taking to the skies with three, Phillip Tallack, Felix Nieuwenhuizen and myself all from the local Camden Valley Club. The remaining advanced pilot is Kahl Eckersley from SRCS. Well, I have been saying for some time now that my time will come and it looks like it has finally arrived. After discovering and rectifying some issues with the incidence adjusters on my model’s starboard wing, my trusty Tempest flies as straight as an arrow, allowing me to pilot the ship into first place, winning rounds one and two, scoring 2000 and achieving my second promotion point, which will last for two days before reverting back to one..
Kahl continued to show he is force to be reckoned with, finishing in second place on 1961.1 points, winning round three and achieving his final promotion point to Expert. Well done Kahl. After a stellar performance in Wingham, Felix let his guard down a little to finish in third place on 1850.73 points. He may still have been in holiday mode. Rounding out advanced in fourth place was Phillip Tallack, finishing on 1794.06 points.

This leaves the Expert category, with a total of five pilots doing battle. This competition saw the re-immergence of a long lost competitor from the legendary past in the form of Tristan Berry, from Camden Valley Club. Armed with yet another new second hand model in the shape of Gavin Dark’s ex contra-drive Nuance, now sporting a conventual single propeller setup, Tristan found the time between completing his University homework at the field in “Computer Engineering” (that’s a fancy name for a computer programmer), to fly his way into first place, wining every round. To rub salt into the wound, every “flamen” round was above promotion score. Not fair, Tristan. Needless to say, he achieved a promotion point. (Hay Tristan, U now av a year 2 get two more, hint, hint. I no, homework). Although giving it his best shot, Brian McGowan was unably to run down Tristan, finishing a gallant second on 1974.87. Brian’s first flight of 371.5 once again put egg on his face about the promotion score for Expert. (Sorry Brian, could not resist.) F3A here we come, in the not too distant future. After a small mishap at the last competition, Tom Collinge was able to repair his model and fly into third place, finishing on 1913.24, approx 34 points behind Brian. Richard Knox, flying his trusty WindS that he has been flying for a eternity, finished in fourth place on 1827.96 Admitting that he became disorientated in his third flight and deciding to abandon that flight, Brian McFarlane rounded out Expert finishing fifth on 1808.2 points.

That concludes another, the second for the year, competition at the Camden Valley field. On behalf of the NSW Pattern Flyers, I would personally like to thank Peter Bons and Ted Ashley for preparing such a magnificent field, Paul Phibbs, Ernie Swanson and Bruce Thrift for manning the canteen and Paul Phibbs for the fantastic photos and all the club members for the use of the field.

Our last competition for the year, the State Championships at Pitt Town, has been rescheduled for 3rd and 4th of December so as not to coincide with the Bridge to Bridge Waterski Race. Enter as normal through the NSW Pattern Web Site.

Wings Level

Competition Results:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane
Expert: Tristan Berry
Advanced: Gavin Fitz-Henry
Sportsman: Anthony Russell

Competition Promotions:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane, Shayne Lysaght
Expert: Tristan Berry
Advanced: Kahl Eckersley, Gavin Fitz-Henry
Sportsman: Nil

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: Sportsman and F3A HERE. Advanced and Expert HERE.

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