For the second time in 2015 New South Wales Pattern Flyers had the privilege of holding one of our events at Camden Valley. The field was beautifully prepared for us and the weather gods were cooperating. We had 16 entries for this event but one participant was a no show. We suspect that may have been due to a date change for this event so it didn't clash with a seaplane event which was subsequently cancelled anyway. :-( Needless to say, please keep an eye on this website for updates on our events. Also refresh your browser because I know a few people still had the old information showing on their computer screens. 

We all managed to comfortably get in three flights each and finished a little after 3pm. We could have pushed to do a fourth round but that would have meant finishing at 5pm. Most were content with finishing at 3pm and even had some practice / trimming flights after the event.

In Sportsman four pilots contested the event. We also had the pleasure of Ray Smith joining us for the first time. Ray's home club is the Rebels up near Newcastle. The NSWPF committee is making enquiries about holding a one day event up there next year. Anyway, back to the report... Ultimately, Ray finished in fourth place and judging by the smile on his face, enjoyed the experience. In third place was Tony Russell from the Camden Vally club. It was great to see Tony having another go and sporting a new Sebart 50 model. In second place was Roger (I love penciling) Chapman and in first place we had Chris Tindall. No promo points but all four Sportsman had a great event.

Advanced saw three pilots from the local club battle it out for line honours. If you look at the scores you'll see that it was quite a close contest with 70 normalised points covering first to third place. The eventual victor was Gavin Fitz-Henry with Felix Niewenhuizen 37 normalised points behind and in third was Philip Tallack 33 normalised points behind Felix. To make matters more interesting, Gavin Fitz-Henry managed to get himself a promotion point.

In Expet we had three victims present themselves to the wraith of the judging panel. At the end of the day only 12 normalised points separated first and second place with Tom Collinge talking the win from a resurgent Joe Costa. In third place keeping the former honest was Brian McGowan flying his trusty Wind S 110.

F3A was supposed to have six entries but in the end we had to accept just five. The big news in this class was the long awaited return to competition by David McFarlane. It was very pleasing to David and he does look well to boot. David managed to take out the win by 12 normalised points from Brian Dooley with Jason Arnold a further 70 points adrift of Brian.  Fighting it out for fourth and fifth was Gavin Dark and Bill Garrod with Gavin maintaining a 16 point advantage over Bill to take fourth. Both David and Brian achieved promotion points.

The local club did a fantastic job hosting our event and keeping us fed and content. Thanks so much guys! Also a bit thank you to Felix, Brian and the other local boys for helping set things up for the event. Every effort to help is very much appreciated and make the job of CD so much easier.

The next event is a big one! The NSW State Championships at Richmond RAAFMAC. This is promising to be a great event so please make sure you get your entries in early.

Adios Amigos!

Competition Results:

  • F3A-FAI: David McFarlane
  • Expert: Tom Collinge
  • Advanced: Gavin Fitz-Henry
  • Sportsman: Chris Tindall

Competition Promotions:

  • F3A-FAI:¬† David McFarlane and Brian Dooley
  • Expert: Nil
  • Advanced: Gavin Fitz-Henry
  • Sportsman: Nil

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: Sportsman and F3A HERE. Advanced and Expert HERE.

Judging Analysis: HERE.

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