Well, the second event at Wingham has been run and won. We had 20 entries but Ben Bird, Pa and Jeremy had a better offer. We did however pick up one more Sportsman entry Gilbert Massen. This meant an entry list of 18 pilots. Awesome! The best part was that Sportsman was the largest class with 7 participants. 

Now the big question is, who ordered the weather? Whoever did can you do it for the remaining 2015 events? The weather conditions were not far from perfect all weekend. Nobody can blame the weather for a not so great performance..

Prior to the event the number of entries was looking very healthy. So much so, that we decided to ask the local club to set-up two flight lines. Normally once we get to 22 entries two lines are needed to get through the flights but in the end we had eighteen. Fortunately, the spread of entries across the classes allowed us to run two lines with minimal personnel shortages. By running two lines we actually had a very relaxed event with time to sit down for a lunch break as well. Flying commenced with Sportsman and F3A just after 9am on Saturday and by 3pm all eighteen pilots had completed four flights. Awesome!

As mentioned earlier, Sportsman was the largest class with seven entries. The standard of flying was exceptional and barring an odd undercharged battery pack or dead stick glow engine, the number of promotion points earnt could have been much higher. This event saw the return of a number of old faces and also second time participants. Great to see guys and we hope to see you again at future events. We also had Alan Sammons from South Africa competing in his first Australian aerobatic event.

In Advanced we had three entries after Pa(David Tiernan) and Ben Bird had better offers. In the end Peter Besant was victorious over Gavin Fitz-Henry and holding up the rear our esteemed Secretary, Felix Nieuwenhuizen. The latter was feeling a bit worse for wear on Sunday morning and didn't compete. We hear that some bowl hugging the night before after a "bad prawn" was the reason. Not nice! 

Experts or more affectionately known as "Drips under pressure" were up next with three participants (victims). Steven Bird was the class of the field taking out each and every one of the six rounds. He even earnt his last promotion point to get into F3A. Now the real work starts with extra rolly bits. Following Steve was Brian McGowan who is slowly coming to grips with the schedule and following Brian in third was Joseph Costa. Believe it or not, this event was Joe's second event for the year.

F3A was dominated by Shayne Lysaght with his contra driven Epic. In second we had Brian Dooley and in third by a mere four points was that banana bending Queenslander John Payne. Rounding out the five participants was Jason Arnold in fourth and Dean Erby in fifth.

All in all the event was a resounding success. We wish to thank the local club for hosting the event and also for feeding us all. 

Competition Results:

  • F3A-FAI: Shayne Lysaght

  • Expert: Steven Bird

  • Advanced: Peter Besant

  • Sportsman: Roger Thompson

Competition Promotions:

  • F3A-FAI:  Shayne Lysaght & Brian Dooley

  • Expert: Steven Bird

  • Advanced: Nil

  • Sportsman: Rod Bailey, Rob Greenwood, Roger Thompson

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: HERE.

Judging Analysis: HERE.

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