Fletchers Lane Report 14/15th of February 2015

Event number two is done and dusted. And what an event it was too! The local members had prepared the field beautifully for us and the weather was done to order. Well, for a little while anyway....

We had a total of fourteen entrants for the event with one Sportsman, five Advanced, four Experts and four in F3A. Sportsman and F3A were grouped together with Advanced and Expert making up the second larger group. With this number of entries all hands were required on deck to either judge, pencil, call, enter scores etc. Still, the event was well paced and all had a good chance to relax and have a good chin wag.

In Sportsman all Chris Tindall had to do was score the first manoeuvre and he had the event in the bag. Having said that, Chris was not held back in any way whatsoever and managed to put in some pretty good flying. We also had a first timer (Leiland Friend) come to have an "unofficial" fly in front of the judges. Although very nervous, we think he had a good time. He ended up putting in four flights so his nerves can't have been too bad... Keep up the practice Leiland! As previously stated, Chris Tindall was the eventual winner. Winning all six rounds in fact.

Advanced was a five horse race with Brian McGowan taking the honours for the last time. Yes, you read that right, Brian scored his last promotion point and is now a drip under pressure ah I mean Expert... Felix was there to keep Brian honest in second place with our Victorian visitor Peter Bailey taking out third place. Philip Tallack was coming to grips with his new Mythos 125 in fourth position and Gavin Fitz-Henry in fifth.

It wasn't too long ago that Expert was an extinct species in NSWPF. It's great to see the class now filled with pilots again. Competition was fierce with three of the contestants winning a round and the eventual winner taking four round wins. At the end of the day, Joesepi the Italian Stalion grasshopper Costa wrestled first place from Richard Knox. Brian McFarlane secured third place with Thomas Collinge making a welcome return in fourth place. Thomas is flying Chris Swain's Cyclone which used to have Hacker C50 power but now employs and OS belt drive with Jeti Mezon controller. Anyone would think I worked for OS or Jeti. Once the brake setting issue was sorted out this power plant combination seemed to behave very well. It certainly drew a number of positive comments from the cheap seats...

Our top class in NSW is F3A and at this event four pilots fronted for competition. I must say that the level of flying seems to have gone up a notch or two which is awesome to see. This sort of competition pushes everyone to improve and do their best. Taking out fourth place was Bill Garrod. Bill had a minor altercation with the electric fence bordering the field to keep the four legged grass eaters out. This resulted in a wing that was almost severed. Fortunately, Bill had a spare Arbalest at home so he was able to compete on the Sunday. Third place was taken out by Jason Arnold with Brian Dooley and Shayne Lysaght taking second and first places respectively.

All in all, Fletchers proved to be another great competition. The weather gods threw calm, wind blowing out, wind blowing in and wind blowing up the strip conditions at us and all pilots coped pretty well. We were also well fed and watered thanks to the efforts of Gary in the canteen. Thanks Gary! A very big thanks to the Shoalhaven Model Flyers for allowing us to hold the event.

Competition Results:

  • F3A-FAI: Shayne Lysaght
  • Expert: Joe Costa
  • Advanced: Brian McGowan
  • Sportsman: Chris Tindall 

Competition Promotions:

  • F3A-FAI:  Shayne Lysaght and Brian Dooley
  • Expert: Nil
  • Advanced: Brian McGowan
  • Sportsman: Nil

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: HERE.

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