Camden Valley Report 17th of January 2015

Well, the competition season has begun with a bang in New South Wales. We had a total of thirteen entries which was a little down on normal but this allowed all participants to complete four flights each. It also allowed for a nicely paced event.

The field presentation was magnificent. What a difference a little rain makes! The grass was nice and green and manicured beautifully by Peter Bons and Ted Ashley of the Camden Valley club. The club also kept us all well fed and hydrated with the BBQ lunch. Thanks again guys!

for this event we had a first timer in sportsman, Ian Samlley from the Hornsby electric flyers club. This is the same club that Chris Tindall comes from and in fact, Chris was the instigator in Ian coming to have a go at aerobatics. It encouraging to see a new pilot make the move to have a go. Making the move is certainly the hardest hurdle to get people over. Just have a go and that Ian did!

Onto the flying.... For the first round the weather conditions don't get much better. Round two was a different story with the WSW wind coming up quite significantly! The wind actually increased as the day went on but we kept going none the less and there was no damage to models. 

In sportsman we had three entries but one dropped out for health reasons. Chris Tindall and Ian Smalley were left to duke it out for the prize with the later becoming the eventual winner. Did I mention this was his first comp? He even scored a promo! Well done Ian and Chris. This event marked a year since Chris' first pattern event. Keep up the good work Chris!

In Advanced we had three pilots vying for a position on the podium. The eventual winner was Brian McGowan. Given the conditions, I think he was most surprised to learn he'd obtained another promotion point. We believe that makes it two now. Following Brian was Felix who was trying his best with the mystery manoeuvres and Gavin just behind in third.

Expert was a hard fought battle between Richard Knox and Joesepi Costa. Both pilots are new Experts and it was good to see them both coming to grips with the new schedule. Richard got to take home the silverware on this occasion but Joesepi is nipping at his heels.

Presentation is everything and this was proven at this event. We're talking presentation in the air and presentation on the flight line. Six pilots made up the field in F3A with the best presented (Shayne Lysaght) taking the gold medal. The short nap may have helped too. In second place we had Brian Dooley with Jason Arnold taking third place. Gavin Dark managed to finally find the runway on his last flight which was reassuring to see! Only nine more months till we're back again Gav so hold that thought....

The event ran very smoothly thanks to everyone doing a little bit. Many hands make light work and an enjoyable day. We wrapped up four flights for all by about 5pm which was great. A big thank you to the local club for hosting us, to the canteen staff who fed us and to all the people in the background who made the event possible. 

Competition Results:

  • F3A-FAI: Shayne Lysaght
  • Expert: Richard Knox
  • Advanced: Brian McGowan
  • Sportsman: Ian Smalley 

Competition Promotions:

  • F3A-FAI:  Shayne Lysaght and Brian Dooley
  • Expert: Nil
  • Advanced: Brian McGowan
  • Sportsman: Ian Smalley

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: HERE.

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