What a way to finish off the year! Great weather, great venue, great competition and a great group of people. What more could we possibly ask for? 

Firstly, a big thank you to the local club and its members for allowing NSWPF to use their field. The field was immaculately prepared for us. Bring on next years Masters which will be held at Charles Kingsford Smith Model Aero Club, Pitt Town.

For a one day event, this was shaping up to be a well attended comp. We initially had 23 entries but in the end we finished up with 20. In preparation for the event we decided to run two lines to cope with the numbers. Basically, once you get to 22 entries two lines are needed. Even though we dropped back to 20 entries we still decided to use both lines. This gave us little room for error in regards to manpower but did allow each pilot to have four flights. We even had time to have a small break between rounds. Anyway, the first flights got into the air a little after 9am. Before we knew it, the first two rounds of F3A and Sportsman were done and it was only just after 10am. After a short break to change judges etc, we were into Advanced and Expert. The good thing was that both groups were evenly balanced i.e. 10 pilots in each round.

It was pleasing to see the close competition in Advanced. If you look at the results, Steven Bird and Brian McGowan were literally within a couple of points of each other. Brian has obviously found his mojo again! Both pilots received promotion points with Steven gaining his last point to progress to Expert. Now the fun begins! Taking out third position was Phillip Tallack with some consistent flying.

Shane Austin made the trip down from Cairns to participate and managed to clean up in all four rounds. Brian McFarlane took out second place with the recently promoted Richard Know finishing third. This was Richards second comp in Expert and he seems to be coming to grips with the new schedule.

In Sportsman we only had two pilots, Ben Bird (junior) and Chris Tinadal. Great to see Chris participating and hopefully he can twist his mates are to come to Camden in January... Ben won each round to take first place with Chris finishing second but importantly improving his scores after each round. Keeps at it Chris, it takes time but you will move forward if you're patient and persistent. Ben manage to get his last promotion point too. Onto Adanced for Ben and may the turn around begin...

In F3A we had eight pilots. This was Dean Erbys first comp in F3A and he was keen to see how he compared against the seasoned pilots. Unfortunately a few things let Dean down at this event but I'm sure he'll be moving towards the pointy end next year. Shayne Lysaght won all four rounds with some consistent flying. Brian Dooley managed second place with John Payne taking out third position. Only one promotion point in F3A and that was awarded to Shayne. Only one more until he achieves Masters status.

Thanks must go to all that helped the day move so smoothly with score keeping, judging, pencilling and line directing. With everyone pitching in these events just go so smoothly.

So, we now have about two months until our next event at Camden Valley. Time to practice!

Competition results:

  • F3A-FAI: Shayne Lysaght
  • Expert: Shane Austin
  • Advanced: Steven Bird
  • Sportsman: Ben Bird

Competition promotions:

  • F3A:Shayne Lysaght
  • Expert: Shane Austin
  • Advanced: Brian McGowan & Steven Bird
  • Sportsman: Ben Bird
Competition results: HERE
Promotions: HERE


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