The 2015 NSWPF event at Queanbeyan has been held and we all had a great weekend.

There were a total of 15 competitors registered in the computer and two local pilots who asked to participate in the Sportsman class on Sunday.

Saturday morning was ”so” clear and crispy cool that most had to hurriedly put on jumpers or jackets when they climbed out of their car.

We had an early Pilots briefing and got straight into the first flights for the F3A and Sportsman classes.
The breeze was predominantly from right to left and from the front quarter some “south Coast” fliers had to take off to the right then fly the schedule to the left, talk about making it hard for themselves! Early “impressors” were Shayne Lysaght and Brian Dooley in F3A along with Chris Tindall in Sportsman. Shayne was flying a beautifully coloured EPIC with contra props and seemed to be liking the setup.

The Advanced and Expert classes were up next, this was the biggest group so took a longer time to progress through the flights, most impressive was Felix Nieuwenhuizen (A) and Chris Henry (E) from Albury. This was a little unusual as Felix hasn’t been at the pointy end of his class very often, we think there must be some secret practice going on! Perhaps mid week?

Lots of sunburn due to crystal clear sky, so blue it was bloody difficult judging definition, Peter Bailey (Victoria) was sporting a new Futaba branded Fedora so wasn’t getting a whole lot of shade, but did he look good or what! Late in the day the sun became an issue in the right hand end of the flight line so CD Felix set out an additional box which was twisted away from the sun, this move caused the most exciting flights of the day with judges running from their chairs a couple of times as sportsman pilots struggled with the different aspect of the new flight line, this change allowed us to fly through to 5 PM which we hoped would provide an easier day on Sunday.

A weary bunch descended on Queanbeyan’s motels and showers before going out on the town for dinner and refueling.

The advantage built up by the hard realigned flights late on Saturday disappeared in the Sunday morning fog, so lots of conversing in “warm” clothes until 10.30 when we encouraged Gavin Fitz-Henry to test the base height of the mist.
Much the same sort of day as Saturday except with a high wispy cloud which gave us an easier sighting of our models, winds were “firm” to start with but eased to “light and variable”. There were some great flights by pilots in each class with the majority of early leaders from Saturday gradually easing further ahead, that is except for Felix! Despite his best efforts Peter Bailey edged him out of first place in the “Advanced” class.

Special thanks must go to the members of the host Club for keeping everyone fed all weekend.
Extra special thanks to all the competitors as they are the ones who make these weekends so much fun!
Oh, and a special thanks to the lady at the paint shop in Goulburn.

Thomas Collinge.

Competition Results:

  • F3A-FAI: Shayne Lysaght

  • Expert: Chris Henry

  • Advanced: Peter Bailey

  • Sportsman: Chris Tindall 

Competition Promotions:

  • F3A-FAI:  Shayne Lysaght

  • Expert: Nil

  • Advanced: Nil

  • Sportsman: Nil

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: HERE.