New South Wales Pattern Flyers

Just an average group of flyers with an obsession for precision aerobatics.

Pitt Town Report 2nd of November 2014


Camden Valley Report 17th of January 2015

Fletchers Lane Report 14/15th February 2015

Queanbeyan Report 28/29th March 2015

Wingham Report 18/19th April 2015

Gloucester Report 16/17th May 2015

Wingham Report 25/26th July 2015

Gunnedah Report 5/6th September 2015

Camden Report 17th October 2015

NSW State Titles RAAFMAC Report November 2015


Camden Valley Report 23rd January 2016

Fletchers Lane Report February 2016

Queanbeyan Report March 2016

Gloucester April 2016

Rebel, Hexham May 2016

Richmond RAAFMAC June 2016

Wingham July 2016 Report

Fletchers Lane Report August 2016

Gunnedah Report September 2016

Camden Valley Report October 2016

Pitt Town Report December 2016


Camden Valley January 2017

Fletchers Lane February 2017

Rebel Hexam May 2017

SRCS Gunderman June 2017

Manning Model Aero Club July 2017

Gunnedah District Aeromodellers September 2017

Camden Valley October 2017

Richmond RAAF MAC November 2017

Queanbeyan QMAC November 2017


Fletchers Lane February 2018

Pitt Town March 2018

Rebel Hexham April 2018

RAAFMAC Richmond May 2018

MMAC Wingham June 2018

SRCS Gunderman July 2018

CVRCMAS Camden Valley Sept 2018

NSW Championships SMFC Fletchers Lane Nov 2018


CVRCMAS Camden Valley January 2019

SMFC Fletchers Lane February 2019

QMAC Queanbeyan March 2019

RAFMAC Richmond April 2019

71st Australian Nationals West Wyalong April 2019

SRCS Gunderman May 2019

SMFC Fletchers Lane July 2019

GDA Gunnedah - Alfred Pye Memorial - September 2019

CVRCMAS Camden Valley October 2019

CKSCMAC Pitt Town November 2019 Results (NSW State Championships)