New South Wales Pattern Flyers

Just an average group of flyers with an obsession for precision aerobatics.

The NSW State Championships for 2024 will be held at SRCS Gunderman on the 27th and 28th July.



SRCS Gunderman Google Map Location HERE.


Enter Sportsman HERE.

Enter Advanced HERE.

Enter Expert HERE.

Enter F3A-6P HERE.

Enter F3A-4P+2F HERE.


F3A-6P  =  6 Rounds of  the P25 Schedule

F3A-4P +2F =  4 Rounds of  the P25 Schedule and 2 rounds of the F25 Schedule


SAT: Attending Saturday Only

SUN: Attending Sunday Only

NF: Attending but not Flying



Entries to date: 

Sportsman Advanced



   Richard Chard Felix Nieuwenhuizen  Timothy Voigt   
    Gavin Fitz-Henry  Brian McGowan