New South Wales Pattern Flyers

Just an average group of flyers with an obsession for precision aerobatics.


                      2023 Event Calendar


January - 15th (Sunday) CVRCMAS Camden Valley

February - 18th & 19th SRCS Gunderman

March - 25th & 26th SMFC Fletchers Lane (Double Header)

April - 15th & 16th QMAC Bungendore Queanbeyan (Double Header)

May - 20th & 21st Cudgegong Model Flying Field Mudgee

June - 24th & 25th Rebel Flying Club Hexham (2023 NSW Pattern 1000)

July - 22nd & 23rd CVRCMAS Camden Valley

August - 19th -26th Warwick Aerodrome, Warwick QLD (World Championships) Google Maps HERE

September - 23rd & 24th GDA Gunnedah

October - 21st & 22nd QMAC Bungendore Queanbeyan (Double Header)

November - 25th & 26th SMFC Fletchers Lane


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