New South Wales Pattern Flyers

Just an average group of flyers with an obsession for precision aerobatics


Funding for the 2023 FAI F3A World Championships
The Southern Downs Region of QLD has been awarded the right to host the 2023 FAI F3A World Championships.
The Championships will give NSW flyers the chance to see different flying styles and some of the world's most skilled pilots.
The NSWPF have decided to include a $5 levy for each competition beginning at the SMFC Fletchers Lane competition on
February 20th/21st 2021 to help fund this Prestigeous event.

Entry Fee should be paid directly into the Association account before the start of the competition.

Please do not pay the fee before the go/no-go decision is made on the Thursday prior to the

competition in case the event is cancelled due to bad weather.


Entry Fees:

Two Day Competition: $30 (Including $5 2023 FAI F3a World Championships Levy)

One Day Competition: $20 (Including $5 2023 FAI F3a World Championships Levy)

Sportsman Pilots: Competition entry is Free


Details are:-


Bank:                           Westpac

Account Name:           NSW Pattern

BSB:                             032-701

Account Number:       207959



Please include your name in the EFT transaction text.

Please be sure to put “Entry Fee” in the information field so we can identify payments.

In the unlikely event that the competition is cancelled, we will ask for your bank details and provide a refund.

Any outstanding entry fees will be collected on the morning of the Competition.