9th & 10th March 2019

NSW Pattern Flyers third competition of 2019 was held at Queanbeyan on 9th and 10th March 2019

We had an impressive entry of 18 pilots, even after a couple of withdrawals from Expert. This included 3 itinerant F3A members from Interstate, (welcome Phil, Norm and Russel, and Chris Henry to boost the Expert ranks). Also, a late entry from Gavin Dark. This gave us 11 in F3A, together with 2 in Expert, and Chris and myself in Advanced, (but not for long).

What was even more encouraging was that Phil Spence had scared up 3 new entrants from Canberra into the Sportsman ranks. Well done Phil; can you please share your formula!!

Unfortunately, the thin Expert ranks meant a terrible judging load for Felix and Chris H, who had the chair for 44 flights of F3A each! Chris T and I were promoted to this panel, and did 22 flights each, which was a great learning curve. (We also got away afterwards without physical retribution from the senior pilots!)

QMAC stepped up, and made the field available for practice on Friday, also providing tea and coffee which was much appreciated. We eventually had a crew of 3 Sydneyites, 3 Victorians and 1 Canberra Sportsman braving the windy conditions.

After the majority of the contestants congregated for an enjoyable evening meal in Queanbeyan, we dispersed to our various accommodations to prepare for an 08h00 start.

Saturday dawned drizzly but calm, but with the promise of increasing winds during the day. The very light rain had pretty much cleared by the Pilots Briefing, and we were off, with F3A first cab, in perfect conditions at 09h00.

Next class up were our newly briefed beginners in Sportsman. Phil Spence appointed himself their mentor and caller-in chief, and had even arranged for Russell Edwards to step up and fly a commentated demonstration of the Sportsman sequence before the first round. Our thanks to Phil and Russel for the help and support given to the newcomers. The effort was further rewarded by pleasingly impressive flights from the new pilots.

Advanced and Expert followed, with Chris T announcing his intentions straight off, with a 336 in the first round!

With conditions continuing good, and the Notaumatic on its best behaviour, we breezed through the first 2 rounds, with the only incident coming from one of the new pilots, who suffered a fly-away from loss of signal, resulting in the demise of his model. Breezed is a good description, because as the day wore on, so the wind increased; fortunately, only to the point of providing some challenges to the pilots.

A short break was taken for lunch, to allow the consumption of sausage and steak sandwiches, kindly prepared by members of the host club, and much enjoyed by all.

We then held off on F3A while getting the lower classes through a third round, in anticipation of deteriorating conditions. This went off smoothly, and we were able to get F3A halfway through the 3rd round, before the sun began to intrude into the flight line, forcing us to an early stop.

Saturday evening was again a convivial session at the Queanbeyan Leagues Club, which was specially selected for the Mixed Grill/ Surf and Turf, (and then Bill had a seafood platter……..)

Sunday morning started with great conditions, much to the glee of the F3A pilots completing the rest of the 3rd round, and we then headed off with round 4 with the lower classes.

 Again, kudos’s to Phil Spence. He brought along his practice Olympus F3A foamy to lend to Jamie Bellicanta, who had lost his model on Saturday. A couple of practice flights in the morning, and Jamie was once again competing in Sportsman! A great shout out to Phil for this. I think he has ensured that we have a newly committed and enthusiastic Sportsman.

By the time F3A started their 4th round, the wind was definitely becoming uncomfortable, and the screwdrivers, tethers and tiedowns were appearing, led by Russell after his experience at Albury last year. The challenging conditions brought the top pilots to the fore, as always, and some very impressive flights were observed.

By the end of the round, words like “ugly” were being heard, and after enjoying another round of QMAC lunchtime hospitality, a show of hands decided to preserve the weekend as incident free by not risking damage by pressing on. This also ensured an earlier departure for those travelling long distances.

Across the Classes:-

Sportsman was won by David Green, (who also claimed a promotion point in his debut comp.)

Chris Tindall won Advanced, and claimed his 3rd promo emphatically with a score of 329. (Good riddance Chris, at least I might win a comp or 2 now!!.

Expert went to Chris Henry, who secured his 2nd promo as well. Felix was second, on his first outing with his new Tempest.

F3A finally went to Dave MacFarlane, after a tight contest with Russell, with Brian Dooley in 3rd. 2nd, 3rd and Jason in 4th were only separated by 55 normalised points, so a tight competition all through.

The same 4 pilots achieved promo points, with only Brian McGowan and Gavin Dark missing out on retentions.

All in all, it was a great weekend of flying, with all enjoying themselves, and a great shout out to QMAC for the use of their club, and their fantastic hospitality.

Looking forward to seeing most of you at our next competition hosted by RAAFMAC at Richmond air base on the 13th and 14th of April.

Entries will be on the website as usual, and will close on Sunday 7th April. We will also be trialling Direct Deposit of Entry Fees to the Club account, to reduce the running around on Saturday Morning. Information and Details will go up on the website soon. For those who don’t use the facility, we’ll still chase the stragglers on comp day 😊

Competition Results:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane
Expert: Chris Henry
Advanced: Chris Tindall
Sportsman: David Green

Competition Promotions:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane, Russell Edwards, Brian Dooley, Jason Arnold
Expert: Chris Henry
Advanced: Chris Tindall
Sportsman: David Green


Competition Sportsman Results: HERE.

Competition Advanced Results: HERE.

Competition Expert Results: HERE.

Competition F3a Results: HERE.

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