13th January 2019

NSW Pattern Flyers first competition of 2019 was held at Camden Valley on Sunday 13th January 2019

We had an impressive entry for the first competition of the year, with 19 pilots signing up. Eight in F3A, 7 in Expert, 3 in Advanced, and a single entry in Sportsman. With this being a 1-day event, this raised some problems for the organisers, as it seemed that the good turnout would make it unlikely that we would be able to complete more than 2 rounds for all classes. During preparations in the week before, the decision was taken to run F3A and Expert on 2 flightlines, the better to use available time. Camden Valley is fortunately able to do this with minimal interference, due to the geography of the field. The CV members excelled themselves in arranging to mark out 3 flight boxes, to minimise the effect of the morning sun.

To further raise the stress levels, the CD Team also ran foul of the finer points of the Notaumatic system during preparation. After 4 hours of team effort on Tuesday, with the competition fully set up, yours truly “incorrectly” logged out of the system, and found he could not get back in. As each of us logged out, the same thing occurred, with us finally finding that the system had reverted to its French antecedents, and would not allow any callow Australians to log in. One Raspberry Pi down!

After Chris had worked on the second unit, and confirmed it worked, we reconvened on Thursday, for a second 4-hour session. This time using only 1 laptop and being very careful to follow all protocols. All seemed fine, until we ran a final backup, --------- only to find a 0 kb file size. The understatement of the week came from Chris…….. “That does not look good!” And it wasn’t. Same reversion to the French, and that was the end of Raspberry Pi number 2!

As it was, we were expecting Artur Ozieblo to join us for the competition, and his expertise enabled us to rebuild the competition image, and reload it. He also made clear what had caused the meltdown, and how to avoid it….. something which was not detailed in the Notaumatic manual. Our grateful appreciation to Artur for his assistance, and Chris and Tom who burnt the midnight oil again to get everything ready for Sunday.

Enough of the problems……. On to the flying!

Sunday dawned overcast and windy, but not to an extent which was above just challenging to skills. Pilots briefing was held at 08h30, and we kicked off with F3A. Due to the temporary setup on the Notaumatics, the first 2 rounds were run simultaneously on back-to-back flightlines, using the old manual scoring. This was followed by 2 rounds of Expert, using the same arrangement. With this under our belts, we reverted to one flightline, and the Notaumatic sets for 2 rounds of the smaller Advanced and Sportsman classes. Unfortunately, the 2 flightlines stretched the available personnel to the limit, and Tom withdrew, to manage the logistics. Similarly, Chris withdrew, and joined Dianne Knox to do the entry of the manual scores into the Raspberry. I have to extend a large vote of gratitude to these three for their sacrifice and assistance.

After partaking of the best hot dogs in Camden, we returned to flying, and completed a further round for F3A, Expert and Advanced, and a further 2 rounds for Sportsman, finishing at about 16h30.

Once again, the NSWPF extend their appreciation and thanks to the Camden Valley Club, for the use of their facilities, and the huge effort made by members in the preparation and catering, which made for a great days’ flying.

Competition Results:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane
Expert: Artur Uzieblo
Advanced: Alastair Bennetts
Sportsman: Tony Russell

Competition Promotions:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane, Brian Dooley, Jason Arnold
Expert: Phil Spence
Advanced: Nil
Sportsman: Nil


Competition Sportsman Results: HERE.

Competition Advanced Results: HERE.

Competition Expert Results: HERE.

Competition F3a Results: HERE.

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