Normally these event reports are written right after the event while things are still fresh in my mind. That's not the case this time so I'll just have to "wing it" so to speak! 

Generally speaking, the weather plays a big part in what we do. Going by the photographs, the weather was pretty good.

We had a total of sixteen entries for this two day event. The local boys had set the flight line box up a couple of days prior to the event. We were fortunate enough to get through six flights for each competitor.

Three pilots entered Sportsman class and Kahl Eckersley took out every round with a perfect 5000 points and his second promotion point to boot. Rob Greenwood was another 300 points behind and Roger Chapman was 100 points behind Rob. The scoring system indicated that Rob had achieved a promotion point but later we discovered a bug in the software. Sorry Rob, no cigar mate! The scoring software has since been rectified so promotions should now be correct going forward.

Another three pilots contested the honours in Advanced. Winning all but one round was Phillip Tallack on 5000 points. One hundred and fifty points further back was Felix Nieuwenhuizen with Gavin Fitz-Henry in third place having a weekend he'd rather forget. Unfortunately, Gavin had a rather heavy landing which made short work of his undercarriage.

Expert saw our senior citizens show us how it was done with Brian McFarlane showing nothing but dust in his 5000 point victory. Keeping Brian honest was Brian McGowan a mere twenty five points behind. Third place was owned by the local hero Richard Knox and rounding up the class was Joe Costa flying his new Nuance. No promotion points were achieved in Expert.

F3A saw five pilots scrap it out for the prize. We even had John Payne come down from Yepoon! The ultimate winner was David McFarlane on 5000 points. In second place 450 points adrift was Brian Dooley and third place was taken by John Payne another 170 points behind Brian. In forth place was Bill Garrod and holding up the rear was Richard Hirst. David achieved a masters promotion point and all others except Richard achieved an F3A retainer point.

We also had one pilot fly Masters class which includes the F17 schedule. This proved to be quite a challenge for the judges at short notice but is no doubt valuable experience for them.

A very big thank you to the local club for hosting our event and also a big thank you to Gary for feeding us singlehandedly on both days.

Competition Results:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane
Expert: Brian McFarlane
Advanced: Phillip Tallack
Sportsman: Kahl Eckersley 

Competition Promotions:

F3A-FAI: David McFarlane
Expert: Nil
Advanced: Nil
Sportsman: Kahl Eckersley

Competition results: HERE.

Competition promotions: HERE.

Judging Analysis: HERE.

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