New South Wales Pattern Flyers

Just an average group of flyers with an obsession for precision aerobatics.








The next event Will be hosted by SMFC Fletchers Lane on the 25th & 26th of March 2023



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NF: Attending but not Flying

Sun: Attending Sunday only



Entries to date: 

Sportsman Advanced



  Con Kyriakides Timothy Voigt Brian McGowan
  Ben Edwards   Felix Nieuwenhuizen Tom Collinge 
   Brendan Abbott (Sun) Phil Tallack  Joe Costa 
    Gavin Fitz-Henry  Shayne Lysaght 
    Chris Tindall  Rod O'Neil 
    Brian McFarlane  Phil Spence (Sun)
      Richard Hirst
      Bill Garrod 
      David McFarlane